Monday, August 2, 2010

Putting my Zuma to the test

I was at a LYS on Friday and I couldn't resist the new Namaste bags on display! I snatched up the Zuma right away. It's so soft and luxurious feeling, and the perfect "Lime" green which is more of a granny apple green. And, I'll admit after having a seriously crappy day the day before, it was a bit of mood therapy.

So, all weekend it sat at home waiting for it debut, and today I had a lot of runnging around to do. First off to the Dr's office, where I of course had to wait, so I took out my sock and worked on it. Then to the post office to mail off yarn to swap, and of course my package fit in my bag with room to spare. Then to the pharmacy, where I waited over two hours (thanks to insurance BS), and once again I work on my sock.

Threw out that whole day, everything fit! From all of my personal items (wallet, keys, phone), to my small package of yarn, and of course my on going sock. The front accordian pocket is a huge highlight to the bag! All of my small knitting notions stayed perfectly organized and easy to get to. So far, I would highly suggest this bag to anyone! It is a must have!

I think I might need some more of these bags...hmmmm, maybe some accessories too  ;o)


  1. That's a lovely bag. I really like the color. Do I see stroll tonal foliage in there?

  2. I've been eyeing one of these...might get one for my bday.