Saturday, January 15, 2011

On a Monster binge!

Since before the holidays I became obsessed about making knitted monsters! All I could think about were making monsters, what yarn I would use to make the monsters, and how fast could I get a monster done so that I could start on another monster!

It all started with a Danger Crafts pattern for Daphne & Delilah. I made them for the toy category for the fair in mid-September of last year and I was hooked! They are so cute and fast to make, and I wanted to show anyone who would listen (and I did!).

So, from there I decided that all of the kids that I had to give a gift to during the holidays were going to get a monster! And when a monster ornament pattern came out I even had a tree just for monsters.

I then got the idea that I would make one of every monster for myself using only Knit Picks yarn! And, it was while I was making monsters for myself that the new Chroma yarn came out from Knit Picks and I immediately knew that it would make the best Quincy Quade Quintin (aka Q3). As soon as my yarn arrived I went right to work. And I was right! Cutest Q3 ever! Members on Ravelry loved him! Even the staff at Knit Picks loved him! But, the ultimate compliment came when I was messaged by a KP staffer and was asked if she could use my pic of Q3 for their blog!!! In some weird way it made me feel a little more validated as a knitter and monster maker.

So now, I'm still planning to make every Danger Craft pattern, but I've decided to make a mini of each one too for my monster Christmas tree! We'll see if I can get them all done before next Christmas ;o)

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  1. I can't wait to see the tree jenna! My chroma should be here this week, can't wait to start my Q3