Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm An Offical Yarn Tester! - Part 2

I took to knitting with Dancing Dog Dyeworks "Big Dog" bulky yarn right away! I decided to use size 8 double pointed needles (I always use DPNs for my monsters, instead of the Magic Loop) to give me a nice tight knit. Right from the start I was loving how soft and squishy the yarn was! As I cast on my Petunia the Patio Monster, I noticed that even though the yarn was 100% non-washable wool, it was surprisingly easy on my hands. As I kept working, my stitches stayed nice and even, and had enough stretch to make K2togs easy to do, but enough strength that my pieces kept a great shape.

I was able to knit up my Petunia in just two days, and out of the 200 yards I was given she used only 136. A true test of the yarn comes with the stuffing of the monster. I stuffed the monster generously with polyfil and made sure that it wasn't lumpy and the yarn held up great! There was some stretch, which is to be expected, but it stayed tight enough that none of the stuffing showed through.

And of course, the real highlight of the yarn was the color! All of the different shades of green worked so beautifully together, and made for one fantastic looking monster! Michelle has an eye for color which makes any weight of Dancing Dog Dyeworks yarn really stand out from other indie dyers. I am truly honored to have my "name" as a colorway.

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