Monday, March 21, 2011

I'm A Winner!

I am one of those people who never win anything. So, when Martingale & Company announced it was having a contest to win a monster handmade by Rebecca Danger herself I never thought I'd be one of the winners. But, I thought what the heck I'll give it a try. The contest announcement was made Feb 3 and all monsters must be submitted my March 14th. Each monster needed a name and a description of what your monster like to do and where it liked to hang out.

As in a previous post I have become a bit obsessed with these cute knitted monsters, and I ended up making 17 monsters out of the book and entering them. I had more fun then I can even describe making them and giving them their own personalities. I tried to work just from my stash, but some monsters just begged to be certain colors, so a few yarn orders needed to be placed. I tried to come up with original ideas for all of their personalities and tried to use lots of props for their photos shoots.

I was on pins and needles waiting for them to announce the winners. I assumed they got a lot of last minute entries, but when March 15th came and went and no words of the winners yet, I was a bit nervous. So while I was just finishing up my lunch on the 16th of March I got the email saying I was a winner! When I got the email I was a bit in shock, but I was also elated!!

Next came the waiting. In my congratulatory email from Martingale & Company it said my monster would be shipped out that week. I was wondering would it be the end of the week? Would the ship it priority or first class? AND, which monster was I getting?? There were 5 monsters, actual ones from the book, that Rebecca donated to the contest and they were all different monsters and different sizes. I was not told which one I was getting and I thought it would be rude to ask, because after all, it didn't matter. I was going to love whatever monster was sent my way!

Saturday March 19th it arrived! The mail even came a tad early and I couldn't get the box opened fast enough! And to my delight when I opened the box Bea the Basement Monster was staring back at me! I was so excited to see her in all of her pink cuteness!

I couldn't believe I had in my hands a monster knitted by the monster queen herself! So of course I had to take pics, and I even made sure I sent thank you emails to Martingale & Company and Rebeccca Danger a long with a photo of Bea and her new monster family. This was a great experience and I feel honored to have been chosen a winner.

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