Thursday, April 28, 2011

Zombie Monster Lovin'

I wanted to make my husband something really special for Valentine's Day. We normally exchange handmade cards, but I wanted to step it up this year. So, with all of the buzz on Ravelry about Lorna's Laces Green Line Worsted being discontinued and was half price, I had to snatch some up in the Zombie BBQ colorway. I was inspired to make a Bruce the Zombie Monster for my zombie movie lovin' husband.

I knew that I couldn't just make a plain ol' monster with the Zombie BBQ, I was gonna have to get extra creative and seriously zombie-fy the monster. It was really had to decide on the pattern since there are so many cute monsters, but in the end I thought Baldwin the Bathroom Monster was the right choice. I was a able to find "zombie eyes" from Etsy seller 6060, but I still had to figured out how to make it "gross". So, it was while I was cutting out the teeth for him that it hit me that I should just make some blood and guts out of felt! It took some practice to get the right shapes, and then I used yarn to stitch them on to the monster before I stuffed it. After he was stuffed and I went to glue on the teeth and blood around the mouth, I also put glue around the edges of the organs to keep them in place and it made them look more finished too. The monster came out better than I thought it would and my husband loved it!

A couple months have gone by, and poor Bruce was looking awfully lonely. I had a skein of Dancing Dog Dyeworks worsted in the Zombie Dog colorway that was just waiting to become a monster. That was when Linda the Zombie Girlfriend Monster came to be. I tried to get a little more creative with her organs and stitches. I decided that she needed eyelashes and a brain!

I think they make a very cute couple!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Swallowtail Shawl Disappointment

I was SO excited to get started on my Swallowtail Shawl. I had gotten some beautiful Knit Picks Shadow Tonal in the Springtime colorway in a swap, and it took me a little while to suck up all of my apprehensions of failing at it and just go for it.

The pattern ended up being a much easier knit than I expected. Once I got used to the repeats I was able to fly right through it. In a week I had it all knitted and blocked, but that's where the disappointment comes in- it's small, much smaller than I expected. My mannequin is a "french mannequin" so it's small with a 17 inch waist, so it fit her much better than it fits me.

I was planning on wearing it for Easter, but now I'll have to scratch that idea. I'm not really into shawlettes and honestly have no idea what to do with it. It might be gifted.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Rainy Days Bring Yarn!

It is a cold and rainy April day, and I didn't look forward to going out to the mailbox. I threw on my shoes and a hoodie and out I went. When I opened up my mailbox I was elated! I didn't get one package of yarn, no, I got two!!

From Dancing Dog Dyeworks I got my Steampunk & Tan "Jerry Kit" to make Jerry the Musical Monkey by Rebecca Danger. I LOVE the colors in the Steampunk, and can't wait to see how it knits up.

I finally decided on the yarn for my Rococo Shawl by Elena Rosenburg, this pattern was the reason I bought the Stitch N' Bitch Superstar Knitting book. I went with Berroco Vintage in Fennel. It is a truely beautiful green, and I think it will be perfect for Autumn days. As soon as I decided on the yarn I remembered I still had my 5% Back reward bucks and a free shipping coupon at Jimmy Beans Wool! It was ment to be.

So, now I have penty to work on. I'm determined to finish my Swallowtail shawl first, which is coming along a lot easier than I thought it would. I should finish today or tomorrow.

Friday, April 15, 2011

The socks I never thought I'd finish.

Last year I decided to make socks for people for Christmas. Well, I actually didn't want to, but I mentioned in front of my Gram that I might make some socks for Christmas and the next thing I know she's telling everyone that I was making everyone in the family socks for Christmas including her! Oh boy! I then felt obligated.

So, through out 2010 I ended up making 23 pairs of socks, 11 of which were Christmas gifts. I wanted to make it an even 24 pairs, so I started a pair for myself in October with some beautiful Felici yarn in the Clay colorway. I was smitten with the colors and was able to score some off of a fellow Raveler since it was discontinued.

Well, there were still other Christmas gifts to be made, my slogan last year was "if I can't make you don't get it", so the socks got set aside. Even after all of the gifts were made, I just didn't feel like knitting socks. I was Officially burnt out on socks.

This year I got obsessed with Danger Craft patterns and have made 38 monsters/critters, with 2 in progress, and finally decided it was time for a break. I was looking for a different kind of project and while looking around my house I spotted my half knitted socks looking quite pathetic still sitting on my DPNs. It was then I decided that it was time to finish them. 3 days later I had a beautiful new pair of socks!

The funny thing is that I think I'm ready to make another pair.