Friday, April 15, 2011

The socks I never thought I'd finish.

Last year I decided to make socks for people for Christmas. Well, I actually didn't want to, but I mentioned in front of my Gram that I might make some socks for Christmas and the next thing I know she's telling everyone that I was making everyone in the family socks for Christmas including her! Oh boy! I then felt obligated.

So, through out 2010 I ended up making 23 pairs of socks, 11 of which were Christmas gifts. I wanted to make it an even 24 pairs, so I started a pair for myself in October with some beautiful Felici yarn in the Clay colorway. I was smitten with the colors and was able to score some off of a fellow Raveler since it was discontinued.

Well, there were still other Christmas gifts to be made, my slogan last year was "if I can't make you don't get it", so the socks got set aside. Even after all of the gifts were made, I just didn't feel like knitting socks. I was Officially burnt out on socks.

This year I got obsessed with Danger Craft patterns and have made 38 monsters/critters, with 2 in progress, and finally decided it was time for a break. I was looking for a different kind of project and while looking around my house I spotted my half knitted socks looking quite pathetic still sitting on my DPNs. It was then I decided that it was time to finish them. 3 days later I had a beautiful new pair of socks!

The funny thing is that I think I'm ready to make another pair.

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