Thursday, April 28, 2011

Zombie Monster Lovin'

I wanted to make my husband something really special for Valentine's Day. We normally exchange handmade cards, but I wanted to step it up this year. So, with all of the buzz on Ravelry about Lorna's Laces Green Line Worsted being discontinued and was half price, I had to snatch some up in the Zombie BBQ colorway. I was inspired to make a Bruce the Zombie Monster for my zombie movie lovin' husband.

I knew that I couldn't just make a plain ol' monster with the Zombie BBQ, I was gonna have to get extra creative and seriously zombie-fy the monster. It was really had to decide on the pattern since there are so many cute monsters, but in the end I thought Baldwin the Bathroom Monster was the right choice. I was a able to find "zombie eyes" from Etsy seller 6060, but I still had to figured out how to make it "gross". So, it was while I was cutting out the teeth for him that it hit me that I should just make some blood and guts out of felt! It took some practice to get the right shapes, and then I used yarn to stitch them on to the monster before I stuffed it. After he was stuffed and I went to glue on the teeth and blood around the mouth, I also put glue around the edges of the organs to keep them in place and it made them look more finished too. The monster came out better than I thought it would and my husband loved it!

A couple months have gone by, and poor Bruce was looking awfully lonely. I had a skein of Dancing Dog Dyeworks worsted in the Zombie Dog colorway that was just waiting to become a monster. That was when Linda the Zombie Girlfriend Monster came to be. I tried to get a little more creative with her organs and stitches. I decided that she needed eyelashes and a brain!

I think they make a very cute couple!

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  1. They are fabulous, and may wind up slightly imitated