Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It all happens at once

The last week has been one of those times in my life where everything is happening all at once! I've been so overwhelmed that I don't know top from bottom some days. I'm not saying it's a bad thing. I have so many positive things, and only one negative -being some car trouble, but even that's getting fixed. I just wish I could squeeze in a nap.

Yesterday I sent out the most important box of my life (I'll talk more about that another day), I'm finishing up a test knit -hopefully today or tomorrow, my first released pattern will hopefully be out by the end of next week, and I have to get my fair projects finished up! Plus, with school and sports starting up I feel like my time has been spread extra thin.

My fall schedule is filling fast and my projects are lined up, so I'll take a deep breath and hold on tight, and just try to enjoy the ride!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A trip to the zoo!

Two days ago for our last family outing of the summer we went to the zoo! It was a beautiful Sunday and we couldn't have asked for better weather, even if we did get a quick sprinkle of rain. We made it through the whole park and we can say we saw it all! The kids were on their best behavior and we had the best time!

Here are some of my favorite photos! I just love taking pics of animals, even if they don't always like to cooperate ;o)

Monday, August 15, 2011

It was a monster of a party!

So, I've been a bit MIA (again), but this time I have the best excuse ever! I was getting everything ready for my kids' Birthday party, which was Saturday! All 3 kids have B-days so close to each other that we always have one party. Sometimes it's hard to pick a theme that everyone agrees on, but this year all of the kids said they wanted a monster party. The hunt for all things monster was on!

I was able to find monster invitations at Wal-Mart for 97cents a pack! They also had matching plates, cups, and paper table clothes. They were not in the same section as the name brand characters, they were in a different section of the party/craft area.

And, while out doing some B-day shopping I found some monster wrapping paper at Target! They also had gift bags and a pinata! I got cupcake paper for my daughter. I remembered to take a quick pic before the unwrapping began!

I have to admit that I hate when my kids come home with a goody bag. They are usually filled with junk and most of it ends up getting thrown away. Instead of goody bags I made sewn monsters, from the Max the Monster pattern by Rebecca Danger, for each kid to take home! I had a basket for girls, and a basket for boys. I made 2 extra for each basket so that no kid was stuck with the last one and not like it. They were a HUGE hit!

Of course we had cakes! My sister-in-law is an amazing cake decorator! We emailed her pics of the monster the kids wanted on their cakes and here's what she came up with! They tasted even better than they looked!

The fun didn't stop there! After the party goers went home the Mr. and I had a couple couples over for a dinner party. It was an amazing day! The weather couldn't have been better, the food couldn't have been better, and the company couldn't have been better! The day was a complete success, but Sunday I was wiped out and I slept in!