Thursday, September 29, 2011

My week off!

I would love to say that I'm Blogging right now from a tropical location, sipping on a margarita, but I'm not. I'm at my table sipping on a cold cup of coffee (i'm too lazy to warm it back up) with lots of chocolate toffee flavored creamer. I had decided last week that this week would be my week off.

Off of what you say? Anything new! I can not start anything new for myself or designing a new pattern, but I have let myself order new yarn. I decided this would be my week to finish up projects that have been put on the back burner. They've been projects that I had the greatest intentions of finishing long ago, that got set aside in my knitting basket because something else was more "important". I don't like having too many WIPs, and it has felt rewarding to finish some of them up!

I also decided that before I let myself get too distracted again that it was finally time to get a Christmas gift list in order so I can start working on them. I am excited to say that I have my list all made, patterns picked out, yarn ordered, and I even blocked the gift for my bestie this morning! It's a late start on Christmas gifts, for me anyways, but I think I can pull it off.

I think this is exactly what I needed! I hope to jump back in to my overly ambitious projects starting Monday. Before then I hope to get at least 3 more projects done!

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