Sunday, October 16, 2011

Road trip with my bestie - our Pittsburgh adventure!

What do you do when your best friend calls you up and asks you to go on a road trip to Pittsburgh the night before she wants to go? Well, if you are me, you panic.

I will admit I am not a very good traveler. It makes me nervous to get stuck in heavy traffic, and to not know my way around a big city that neither one of us has ever been to. I told her I would talk to the Mr. and get back to her. So while I ate dinner I probably came up with 101 excuses of why I couldn't go, and my husband shot down every single one. Reluctantly, I called her back and told her I would go.

Yesterday morning Megan picked me up and we were off! I was trying to say clam, and when we were on the road and there was very little traffic it helped set me at ease. With a quick stop for gas and breakfast we were on the interstate in no time. With it being fall the scenery was beautiful!

Megan and Me right before we got on the road.

We were so excited to see the Pennselvania state line! The country side was beautiful! And, I was amazed at how hilly PA is! The one thing I was NOT prepared for was the tunnel! all I can say is that several choice words came out of my mouth while going through it.

The whole point of the trip is that Megan and I both have always wanted to check out an Ikea. We were SO excited to get there and we had such high hopes. Needless to say I don't think we'll go back. Don't get me wrong we loved their products, but the shopping experience wasn't what we expected.

First off as soon as we got there, we had to use the restrooms which was NOT impressive, and could have used a tidying. Then we're given a little card and pencil at as we find something we like we're supposed to write it down and go find it ourselves in the warehouse. Before we went to find all of the items we wrote down we ate at the cafe which was gross, and we didn't even finish our food. We were regretting not going down the road to Panera. Long story short we had a hard time finding the things that we wanted. The shelf I wanted most of all ended up being discontinued, even though it was still out for display saying it was available, and they wouldn't sell the display model because it would be "too difficult to remove from the display". Wow. Several things Megan wanted were sold out. This is NOT the way I want to shop, it was too much work for what is supposed to be fun. I bought nothing that was on my list.

The night before we left my Megan found a cute little bakery in the city that specialized in gourmet cupcakes and after our terrible lunch, we figured we deserved one. So, back on the road we went! It was so exciting to be heading into the big city and see all of the bridges and buildings!

But, wouldn't ya know we get lost. The directions we printed off the Internet we a bit confusing and we couldn't find the road we needed to turn on to to find the bakery. By the time we back tracked, stopped for directions, and were heading the right way it was getting too close to closing time to make it.

The last place we wanted to go before we headed home was to find a LYS! Thanks to googleing "Pittsburgh yarn shop" we got directions to Knit One on Murray Ave. As soon as we walked in we were greeted by a super nice employee who made us tourists feel right at home! She showed us around, let us try out some fun novelty yarn, gave us some great suggestions, and even gave us some helpful direction on how to get back to the interstate.

The atmosphere was warm and welcoming! The shop is full of bright colors, and plenty of yarn that I had only seen in magazines or on Raveley! Their color selection was AMAZING! there were couches everywhere and fun st see people just sitting and enjoying their knitting.

I wanted to get at least one skein as my "souvenir yarn" and I ended up finding a color of Noro I had been wanting, some Cascasde 220 Superwash in colors I hadn't seen in person before, and even and skein of Universal Yarns that I knew my daughter would love! I could have spent a small fortune in there if in had more money! Best knit shop I've ever been to so far! If you ever find yourself in Pittsburgh, you must check out Knit One!

Before we left the city we stopped at Starbucks for some coffee, and then it was back to the interstate. The way home went pretty smooth with the exception of being caught in some constuction which set us back about a half hour. Before we knew it PA was behind us. We decided to stop for a sit down dinner at Bob Evens where the food was delicious! We even got dessert to make up for missing out in the cupcakes. I was so excited to be home and tell everyone about my day, and to hear about theirs.

We've decided we'll defiantly go back to Pittsburgh, even if to only visit the knit shop, and hopefully make to the bakery. We'd really like to explore the city more and see what other shops there are. Thank you Pittsburgh for all of the super friendly people we met from the gas station where we stopped to get directions, the knit shop, the guy at Starbucks, and even the employees at Ikea. We had and epic trip!

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