Monday, January 30, 2012

Hurry! Get your Traveling Turtles submitted!

Just a reminder! If you're planning to participate in the Traveling Turtle contest you have 36 hours from the time I'm posting this to get your submissions in!

All submissions must be posted in the Traveling Turtle Contest thread in the Retro Lemon Studio group on Ravelry by midnight tomorrow EASTERN time!

I'm loving everyone's submissions! This isn't going to be easy to judge!

Friday, January 27, 2012

For the love of Zombie yarn

It's no secret that I have a love for zombies and zombie related yarny things. So, when I was watching the Stockinette Zombies pocast Episode 12 and saw the Zombie sock yarn from WalkingWisti, I had to try and get my hands on some!

So, through the magic of Ravelry I was able to contact the dyer directly, and let her know that I'd LOVE to buy some. And yes, I'll admit, I shamelessly offered to pay up front to reserve a skein. I've expressed interest to other dyers, only to never hear back, so I try to never get too excited about indie dyed yarn until I actually purchase it. I was extremely excited when I got a PM letting me know that there was a skein of Zombie for me if I still wanted it! I was all over it! I couldn't check out fast enough!

It only took a few days for this pretty to show up in my mail box!

Oh, and the best part, it's self striping sock yarn! I can't wait to cast on! I just have a few things to finish up first.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Liam the Lanky Robot

Liam is my newest pattern, released today! I'm so excited to show him off, he's been a long time in coming. I was hoping to release him last month but, so many things got in the way. He has been a huge hit among my friends and I hope you like him as much as I do!

You can find him on Ravlery! Liam the Lanky Robot

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Favorite Thing

After my last post there was some questions about my favorite bag, so I thought I'd tell you all why I love it so much!

Thirty-One is a direct sales company, so you'll have to find a consultant, and they specialize in bags. Most of the bags are the answer to your storage and organization needs. I can say everything I have bought I have been very happy with!

But, my favorite is the All-In-One Organizer! For me it's perfect and only $20! It's 8"x12"x6.5". The Apple Blossoms fabric is my all time favorite, but unfortunatley it's now discontinued, which is the one down side to the bags. If you find a fabric you LOVE, you need to buy all of it you want while they have it.

This is the bag I keep my wip pattern in. It holds my iPad, notebook, yarn, and accessory pouch with plenty of room to spare.

I love this bags so much I have a second one! This one is the Paparazzi Dot print, which is currently available. This bag houses my Hexipuffs supplies at the moment. I have a baggie of polyfil, accessory pouch, and of course mini skeins of sock yarn.

I really don't think you can go wrong with any of their bags, and they have all different sizes for any of your knitting (or non-knitting) needs! Oh, and did I mention, you can get them personalized?!?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Thanks Stockinette Zombies!

I checked my messages on Ravelry this morning and had gotten an "ear burn", when I clicked on the link, to my surprise, I got a shout out from the podcast Stockinette Zombies in Episode 12! Amy talked about my Traveling Turtle contest, and the wonderful prizes, and that she was going to enter!

I watched while I ate my lunch, and I love that watching these ladies is just like knitting with your friends. They cover FOs, WIPs, and of course yarn. I was also excited when Megan pulled out her Thirty-One All-in-One bag in the Apple Blossoms print, which just happened to be the exact same bag I was knitting out of after I had finished my lunch! My most favorite bag ever!

So, check out Megan and Amy aka The Stockinette Zombies!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Back to the Hexipuffs

With Christmas knitting and designing taking up most of my time, my poor Hexipuffs got neglected. I only got 22 puffs made by the end of last year. One of the groups I belong on Ravelry to has a thread for Hexipuffs, and it was suggested that we all try and get at least 4 done a week, and to check in on Mondays. I was very pleased with myself to have gotten my 4 done for the first week of January. The challenge will now be to keep it up. I already have 1 done for this week!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Favorite Things

After talking with a friend, we both agreed that one thing we really missed this past Holiday season was Oprah's Favorite Things. We loved being amazing by all of the things people got to take home, and sometimes surprised by what was chosen by the O. I will fully acknowledge that it was materialistic and over the top, but I couldn't not watch, and sometimes be a bit jealous.

So, it got me thinking, what if I did MY favorite things?! Now, I'm not saying I'm anything like O, and I can't pull any strings with any company to give all of you something for free, but there are products that I fall in love with and want to tell everyone I know about them! Before you start thinking I'm being paid or given free things, the answer is NOPE! The opinions are all mine, and are of products of my choosing, and I benefit in no way for them.

First up: My Keurig! I seriously LOVE this silly thing! I have told everyone I know all about it!

It all started with the endless argument of what coffee the Mr and I were going to make. He loves a really bold, really dark roast, me on the other hand like a light roast. I would always get annoyed when he would make coffee and it was something I didn't like, and he wouldn't just make a cup or two, no, he would make a whole pot! Grrr! I normally will only drink a cup, maybe two tops. I like a cup in the morning and in the afternoon. So, while he's drinking his pot of coffee, I would drink hot tea to get me through the day.

Finally, I found a fix to our frustration! A friend of mine got a Keurig for Christmas in 2010, and a few months after she got it, she started have our knit night at her house and welcomed us all to enjoy hers. I imediatley fell in love with it! For months and months it's all the Mr had heard about, and for this past Christmas I got one!

I have become a bit obsessed with trying all kinds of flavors. There are some I didn't like at all, and that were ok, and some that I LOVE. My favorite is the Hot Apple Cider! I use the smallest setting (my brewer has 3 settings) and it is delicious. I just happened to get four 24 count boxes, and two 5 count samplers in the mail to day! My Keurig came with 36 K-cups and they were all coffee, and I wanted some teas, but was unable to find the flavors I wanted in local stores. The great things was when I went online to register my Keurig, the Keurig company gave me a coupon code for two free boxes, plus I got free shipping! It was a great deal.

I quickly learned I needed an easy way to just grab a K-cup and pop it in. I went in search for K-cup storage, and Amazon I found the Nifty Carousel for K-cups, which is pictured above, and it is perfect! It holds 35 K-cups, and fits perfect on my counter.

Best Christmas gift EVER!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Traveling Turtle Contest!

It's a brand new year, and I thought it would be fun to start it off with a contest! Thanks to so many knitters who made last year an AMAZING one! I want to have a fun way to give back and spread the love.

Here are the details:

-The contest will run from today, Jan 1st 2012 - Jan 31st ending at Midnight EASTERN time.
-Molly the Traveling Turtle can be purchased on Ravelry and on Knit Picks.
-All entries must be made on Ravelry in the Retro Lemon Studio group thread "Traveling Turtle Contest", and you must join the group to qualify.
-You can make and enter as many turtles as you want BUT each turtle needs it's own post.
-Only TWO photos of each turtle can be submitted (some people can go overboard with pics).
-Any yarn can be used, any size can be made.
-All sumissions have to be posted by midnight EASTERN time on January 31st 2012. When the thread is locked, no more submissions will be accepted. No exceptions.
-Failure to follow these guidelines can result in disqualification.

What we're looking for:

-Originality! Name your turtle and tell us about him/her.
-Where does your turtle like to travel?
-A photo of your turtle in action! We want to see where your turtle travels to!


-A pannel of judges made up of ladies from my knitting night will help me judge!
-You don't have to go to tropical places or have the best knitted turtle to win! We are looking for fun and creative stories with a pic!
-Judging will be held on Feb. 7th 2012.
-Winners will be announce and contacted on Feb. 8th 2012.


First Place-

A Molly the Traveling Turtle knitted by me! It's the only sample that appears in both the Ravelry & Knit Picks verions of the pattern. A Traveling Turtle project bag sewn by me, and a mini skein set of Dancing Dog Dyeworks worsted weight yarn kit in "Molly" & Kiwi Green" colorways, specially dyed for this contest!

Second Place-

A mini skein set of Dancing Dog Dyeworks worsted weight yarn kit in "Molly" & Kiwi Green" colorways.

Third Place-

A Traveling Turtle project bag sewn by me.

Want a teaser? Here's what the Dancing Dog Dyeworks "Molly" & "Kiwi Green" looks like all knitted up!

Good luck and have fun! I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's Traveling Turtle!