Saturday, January 14, 2012

Favorite Thing

After my last post there was some questions about my favorite bag, so I thought I'd tell you all why I love it so much!

Thirty-One is a direct sales company, so you'll have to find a consultant, and they specialize in bags. Most of the bags are the answer to your storage and organization needs. I can say everything I have bought I have been very happy with!

But, my favorite is the All-In-One Organizer! For me it's perfect and only $20! It's 8"x12"x6.5". The Apple Blossoms fabric is my all time favorite, but unfortunatley it's now discontinued, which is the one down side to the bags. If you find a fabric you LOVE, you need to buy all of it you want while they have it.

This is the bag I keep my wip pattern in. It holds my iPad, notebook, yarn, and accessory pouch with plenty of room to spare.

I love this bags so much I have a second one! This one is the Paparazzi Dot print, which is currently available. This bag houses my Hexipuffs supplies at the moment. I have a baggie of polyfil, accessory pouch, and of course mini skeins of sock yarn.

I really don't think you can go wrong with any of their bags, and they have all different sizes for any of your knitting (or non-knitting) needs! Oh, and did I mention, you can get them personalized?!?

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