Friday, January 6, 2012

Favorite Things

After talking with a friend, we both agreed that one thing we really missed this past Holiday season was Oprah's Favorite Things. We loved being amazing by all of the things people got to take home, and sometimes surprised by what was chosen by the O. I will fully acknowledge that it was materialistic and over the top, but I couldn't not watch, and sometimes be a bit jealous.

So, it got me thinking, what if I did MY favorite things?! Now, I'm not saying I'm anything like O, and I can't pull any strings with any company to give all of you something for free, but there are products that I fall in love with and want to tell everyone I know about them! Before you start thinking I'm being paid or given free things, the answer is NOPE! The opinions are all mine, and are of products of my choosing, and I benefit in no way for them.

First up: My Keurig! I seriously LOVE this silly thing! I have told everyone I know all about it!

It all started with the endless argument of what coffee the Mr and I were going to make. He loves a really bold, really dark roast, me on the other hand like a light roast. I would always get annoyed when he would make coffee and it was something I didn't like, and he wouldn't just make a cup or two, no, he would make a whole pot! Grrr! I normally will only drink a cup, maybe two tops. I like a cup in the morning and in the afternoon. So, while he's drinking his pot of coffee, I would drink hot tea to get me through the day.

Finally, I found a fix to our frustration! A friend of mine got a Keurig for Christmas in 2010, and a few months after she got it, she started have our knit night at her house and welcomed us all to enjoy hers. I imediatley fell in love with it! For months and months it's all the Mr had heard about, and for this past Christmas I got one!

I have become a bit obsessed with trying all kinds of flavors. There are some I didn't like at all, and that were ok, and some that I LOVE. My favorite is the Hot Apple Cider! I use the smallest setting (my brewer has 3 settings) and it is delicious. I just happened to get four 24 count boxes, and two 5 count samplers in the mail to day! My Keurig came with 36 K-cups and they were all coffee, and I wanted some teas, but was unable to find the flavors I wanted in local stores. The great things was when I went online to register my Keurig, the Keurig company gave me a coupon code for two free boxes, plus I got free shipping! It was a great deal.

I quickly learned I needed an easy way to just grab a K-cup and pop it in. I went in search for K-cup storage, and Amazon I found the Nifty Carousel for K-cups, which is pictured above, and it is perfect! It holds 35 K-cups, and fits perfect on my counter.

Best Christmas gift EVER!

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