Sunday, January 1, 2012

Traveling Turtle Contest!

It's a brand new year, and I thought it would be fun to start it off with a contest! Thanks to so many knitters who made last year an AMAZING one! I want to have a fun way to give back and spread the love.

Here are the details:

-The contest will run from today, Jan 1st 2012 - Jan 31st ending at Midnight EASTERN time.
-Molly the Traveling Turtle can be purchased on Ravelry and on Knit Picks.
-All entries must be made on Ravelry in the Retro Lemon Studio group thread "Traveling Turtle Contest", and you must join the group to qualify.
-You can make and enter as many turtles as you want BUT each turtle needs it's own post.
-Only TWO photos of each turtle can be submitted (some people can go overboard with pics).
-Any yarn can be used, any size can be made.
-All sumissions have to be posted by midnight EASTERN time on January 31st 2012. When the thread is locked, no more submissions will be accepted. No exceptions.
-Failure to follow these guidelines can result in disqualification.

What we're looking for:

-Originality! Name your turtle and tell us about him/her.
-Where does your turtle like to travel?
-A photo of your turtle in action! We want to see where your turtle travels to!


-A pannel of judges made up of ladies from my knitting night will help me judge!
-You don't have to go to tropical places or have the best knitted turtle to win! We are looking for fun and creative stories with a pic!
-Judging will be held on Feb. 7th 2012.
-Winners will be announce and contacted on Feb. 8th 2012.


First Place-

A Molly the Traveling Turtle knitted by me! It's the only sample that appears in both the Ravelry & Knit Picks verions of the pattern. A Traveling Turtle project bag sewn by me, and a mini skein set of Dancing Dog Dyeworks worsted weight yarn kit in "Molly" & Kiwi Green" colorways, specially dyed for this contest!

Second Place-

A mini skein set of Dancing Dog Dyeworks worsted weight yarn kit in "Molly" & Kiwi Green" colorways.

Third Place-

A Traveling Turtle project bag sewn by me.

Want a teaser? Here's what the Dancing Dog Dyeworks "Molly" & "Kiwi Green" looks like all knitted up!

Good luck and have fun! I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's Traveling Turtle!

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