Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hey there Ruby!

I'm excited to finally be able to show off Ruby the Lovable Huggable Monster!

When I was asked by Dancing Dog Dyeworks to design a monster pattern, I was so nervous! I felt I really had to come up with something really unique and special. I had a few ideas floating around in my head, but decided I really needed to see the yarn before I could really make a decisions. The yarn arrived before Christmas and I was so excited! But, the most exciting part was that it was self-striping!

As exciting as the self-striping was, it also made my realize how important it was that the pattern worked with the stripes! So, it took some brainstorming and lots of drawings, but I finally came up with a design I loved as much as the yarn, which was appropriately named "Monster of Love".

Ruby was a labor of love, and really pushed me as a designer, and I really learned a lot during the process. For all of you who were not able to get in on the DDD Monster Mania 3 yarn club, Ruby will be available for purchase on Ravelry late this coming summer. No official date has been set yet.

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