Thursday, February 16, 2012

Podcast! Episode #1: Hello!

I'm so excited to present my podcast! I'm so excited and nervous! It will  hopefully be up on iTunes soon!

Episode #1: Hello!

Show notes:

Finished Objects/New Pattern-
Chelsea the Chatterbox Monster

Works In Progress-
Socks made with Walking Wisti "Zombie" Sock yarn
Whippoorwill by Carina Spencer with Twisted Fiber Arts Tasty Evo "Salsa"
In-Spin-Knit-Y premium blocking wires

Madelinetosh Vintage "Grasshopper"
Malabrigo Rios "Lettuce"
Berroco Vintage "Sour Cherry", "Blue Note", and "Aquae"
Color Shift Yarn Gradated "Koi"

Knitting for Peace by Betty Christiansen
Knitting Green by Ann Budd
The Principales of Knitting by June Hemmons Hiatt

Thirty-one "Tote-Ally Awesome Tote"

No More Tears by Erin Walsh


  1. Jenna, good job on your podcast! Look forward for more! Penny

  2. Jenna, you are a natural! I am SO glad that you are podcasting now. I put your podcast on my list of podcasts I watch on my blog. Can't wait for episode 2:-)

  3. Jenna what a fabulous podcast. So many wonderful things, and that green yarn is gorgeous (my fave colored yarn). I look forward to episode 2!

  4. Loved the podcast! Your monster design is SO cute, and the shawl is beautiful! Looking forward to your next episode!!

  5. I loved you podcast. Studentknits Plurked about watching you. I can't wait for your next one.
    Thank you,

  6. i really loved your podcast. you have such a warm, inviting personality! i love your little nook that you are podcasting from. i have just subscribed in itunes so ill be waiting for episode 2! congratulations on a great 1st podcast!

  7. Jenna, great job with your first episode, I look forward to more!

  8. Fun! It's fun after talking on Ravelry to "meet" you. Love your Chelsea Monster! -baconfairy

  9. very enjoyable first episode. Next time, would you please show the blanket that you were leaning on?
    take care,