Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Owl Puffs- Now in German!

The response to my Owl Puffs pattern has been so over whelming in the almost 9 months that it's been out! I never expected the silly little pattern I designed one evening with my daughter to be such a hit. I'm also always blown away by the creativity of others! I've seen Owl Puffs, with sweaters, wings, hair,  and even an Owl Puff coin purse -which is on my list of things to make! And, the question of "what do you do with them?" always makes me giggle.

So, when I got a very nice email from a fellow knitter who had translated the Owl Puffs into German, I thought "how awesome is that?!" I took her translation and set it up as close to the original English version as I could. Now even more knitters can enjoy the Owl Puff fun!

Owl Puffs are available free as a download on Ravelry!  A huge thank you to Maddie Milimani for translating the pattern!

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