Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Now on Craftsy!

I'm really excited to announce that my patterns are now available for purchase on Craftsy!

Don't worry, my patterns will stay and continue to be sold on Ravelry along with the Retro Lemon Studio Group! Nothing will change there. But, with the opportunity to get my patterns out to a wider audience, I had to jump at the chance.

If you haven't heard of Craftsy yet, it is an amazing website that's more than knitting and patterns! There are all kinds of crafts, including quilting, sewing, jewelry, and so much more! They also offer online classes that walk you through step by step. There are plenty of free classes for you to get your feet wet to see if you'd be interested in the paid classes.

So, go browse around and see what they have to offer. And, if you're not on Ravelry and would like another way to purchase my patterns, Craftsy might be the solution!

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