Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Going Coastal

In the last couple weeks it was time to get new glasses. I found once I loved at the eye Dr's but boy were they pricey! I ordered them but then had the thought of thinking maybe they won't go with everything I wear.

I then remembered someone online mentioning that they ordered glasses from Coastal.com, and best of all their first pair was free! As soon as I started looking, there were many frames that I loved! Not all of them qualified for the first free pair, but most of them did.

I had gotten my prescription from my optometrist the day of my eye exam, and putting in my info was easy. But, when my glasses arrived 5 days later (3 business days) I put them on and immediately knew something wasn't right! I looked at the packing slip, and realized I put the perception in wrong for the left eye! I accidentally put a number as a "+" instead of  "-". UGH!

I immediately called Coastal and the lady at the other end of the line was super nice and helpful! Even though it was my mistake, they let my return the glasses. For free! Then they lady fixed my prescription blunder, and placed an order for a new pair, still letting me use the First Free Pair offer! I'd give Coastal's customer service an A+.

So, 5 days (3 business days) later my new glasses arrived, again, and here what comes in the box:

You get a nice hard shell case, glasses cleaner, cleaning cloth, and a keychain screwdriver that has a flat end and philips- just incase you need to tighten your glasses down the road.

Since you are ordering your glasses you need to know what size you need. Luckily after trying glasses on at the Dr's I knew that 49 mm frames would be a bit too small, and that I would need 51 mm frames. I was nervous if the from would fit and be comfortable, and they were! I love how they fit!

Another great thing about Coastal.com is their "Change the View Project" for every purchased pair of glasses, they give a pair to a person in need!  Just another reason to buy from them!

I'll be buying more glasses from Coastal in the future, and I highly recommend you give them a try. You can also order contacts and sunglasses!

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