Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Adopt a Blob

When I was designing these little guys, there was no one name to describe them all. They all had their very own personalities, and therefore I could not give the pattern a singular name. As they sat together on my kitchen table, they looked as if they were little orphaned blobs wanting a new home. The name Adopt a Blob Monster became the official name for the pattern.

I had a lot of fun when it came to assembling the blobs! I tried to show many different ways to make each one stand out. There's just no wrong way to make one! 

And then something hit me! How cute would it be to make a GHOST blob! By using white yarn, it makes the perfect Halloween stuffie! 

Adopt a Blob Monster is available on Ravelry.com! A HUGE thank you to Highland Handmades, Fiber Addiction, and Dancing Dog Dyeworks for yarn support! Indie dyers help make my designs awesome! 

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