Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Have you heard of Graze?

Last night a friend posted on social media that she joined Graze, which is a subscription box snack service. I've never been interested in a subscription box before, and I know there's tons of them out there, but the thing that hooked me is that you get to pick what you get! And best of all, your 1st and 5th boxes are FREE! You can also cancel at anytime.

For $6 every 2 or 4 weeks (you get to choose!) you get 4 snacks delivered to your mail box. And yes, that $6 includes the shipping! Immediately I went through and marked anything spicy, that had pineapple or mango, or that had more than 165 calories (with the exception of 2 items) as "Trash" -meaning I'll never be sent those items.

There's 2 types of boxes- the Nibbler Box and the Light Box. The Light Box's snack are all 150 calories or less. Originally I had signed up for the Light Box, but after looking at the nutrition facts of all the other items, some that I was interested in were 157-163 calories. Since I'm doing Weight Watchers items up to 165 calories have the same point value as a 150 calorie item. So, I switched to the Nibbler Box to have more a selection, and "Trashed" all of the really high calorie items. I can always go in and add back anything I "Trashed" if I want.

The most exciting thing to me is the chance to try new things! I've been trying to find good tasting, healthy snacks. The problem is that they can be expensive, or I buy them and don't like them and I'm stuck with a pricey bag of stuff I end up not eating. I feel like I've been in a snack rut, and I'm hoping this will be the answer to my problem.

I can't wait to get my first Graze box!! I wish it would be here tomorrow! I'll let you know what I think as I eat the snacks from my first box (which is FREE!).

Interested in joining Graze? It's by invitation only right now, but I have 3 Friend Codes up for grabs, first come first serve. I'll let you know when I get more!

I'm in no way sponsored by Graze, this is something I decided to try on my own ;o)


  1. Jenna, are the friend codes all taken?

    1. Unfortunately yes, but I can let you know when I get more!

  2. Hey Jenna!
    I'm also interested in one if you happen to get more
    Rav id: beergirl21