Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Graze disappointment - UPDATE!

A few weeks ago I told you about me signing up for snack boxes at Graze.com. I was really hoping that I would be able to blog about how much I loved them, and what a great thing it was, but I can't.

I signed up 3 weeks and 1 day ago, and the website states that I should have gotten my first 10 days after signing up. That did not happen. 16 days after signing up, other people who signed up the same day I did received their boxes, I did not. My box was marked as shipped by Saturday November 2nd (13 days after I signed up), and on day 18 after I checked the mail and still hadn't gotten my box, I email Graze.

Graze's response said that since I made changes to my shipment (I changed it from being shipped to my home to my PO Box) that is delayed it. Which they DO NOT tell you that making changes will delay your shipment, and I changed my info before the deadline that was on my delivery page. And, I was assured that my box would arrive no later than Saturday November 9th.

Once again, no box. I then let the person I had been emailing at Graze know that it didn't arrive on Saturday. Yesterday November 11th I got a response letting me know that it'll be late this week/early next week before my box will arrive. WHAT?!? That'll be 5 WEEKS after I sign up!

I did have my 2nd box moved up a week, and have already paid for it. Now I'm pissed. I was super excited about the service, and heard good things, but this has been nothing but a pain. I had my 2nd box moved up as soon as my 1st box shipped because I would rather have my boxes come every week instead of every other week, and it shouldn't be a problem if they give me that option right? Now I'm not so sure.

They don't give you a tracking number, so there's no way for my to know where my box could possibly be. I feel completely blown off now. They did add an extra free box to my account, which does me no good if I can't even get my first free box to arrive.

This is my first subscription box service, and more than likely my last. It's been a crappy experience to say the least. I have asked when the box will be considered lost, and couldn't get a direct answer. I'm going to give it until Monday, November 18 when it will be a full 5 weeks, and if my boxes don't show up I will cancel.

I'll keep you updated!

*** UPDATE! ***

So it pays to have a friend at the post office!

I got a call that both of my Graze boxes come into the PO this afternoon! But, they were getting ready to close. But, my friend said if I got there before she left to just knock on the door and she'd bring them to the door for me! So technically I wasn't supposed to have my boxes until tomorrow, but my friend knew I was desperately waiting for them.

Both boxes have a tracking number on them. Why Graze couldn't provide that number to their customers is beyond me. So when I typed in the tracking numbers online, I quickly noticed that my first box shipped 5 days later than the website indicated. While both boxes came on the same day, the 2nd box was actually on time, only the 1st box was late. Also, box #1 was a bit mangled.

I'm feeling a bit better since posting the above post. Hopefully all future boxes will be on time, and I can enjoy the contents. I really want to like the Graze boxes, and will give each box an honest review in the upcoming days. I will give a full review of each box as I eat my way through them, in order that they were supposed to arrive.

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  1. Hey Jenna , so proud of you on your weight lose 70lbs is a big deal ! Great job :) Glad you finally got your boxes have you tried anything from them yet? I have been curious about graze so if it's yummy and you have an extra invite code pass along . I am down 30lbs with 26 more to go.
    See you in the KAL