Friday, February 28, 2014

RSS feed, iTunes, headache

If you've watched Episode #107, I announced that I was going to let iTunes go due to Blip cutting off ties with their RSS feed with iTunes. I guess I had no idea how passionate viewers were about their iTunes. The amount of messages, emails, and social media comments had me overwhelmed. While it was great to hear that so many people enjoy watching the podcast, it did sadden me that people were willing to no longer watch if they couldn't watch on iTunes or through an app that used iTunes.

So, after much thought, and discussion with my DH we decided to try again to get a RSS feed to work. The technical issues were many, and a lot I can't wrap my head around still. But after a very long night,  and more trial and error than I could have ever imagined, Retro Lemon Studio is on iTunes!

Right now there is only the current episode on there. I'm not sure that I'll get all of the back episodes up, but eventually I'd like to. If RLS is no longer showing up in your iTunes or podcast app, you'll need to update the RSS feed to:


  1. Bless your heart, Jenna! I'm so sorry you've had to do this. I've stopped watching podcasts via iTunes (and I have a mac, iPad and iPhone!) because it's just a hassle for podcasters. I use feedly and don't have to download to watch. Anyway, I would watch you no matter how I had to do it!

  2. Thanks so much Jenna! I would watch no matter what but iTunes definitely makes it the easiest for me. I so appreciate all the hard work that you put into the podcast.

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  5. Too bad, the decisions are perpetual, and not generally as sorted out as one would wish.